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Do the lawyers in your firm have a vague feeling that they are not getting enough from the technology dollars that they spend? Does your firm have a sufficient technical platform in terms of work stations and networks, but does it not do enough in terms of integrating the technology into the practice of law?

Bridging the gap between the special needs of your law firm and the ever-changing technology frontier is no mean feat.

Does your firm have a technology-oriented partner or a chief information officer who spends the bulk of his or her billable time keeping abreast of how technology is changing the practice of law, and implementing these technologies into your practice? Very few firms do because there are very few lawyers who have the technical expertise to do so or who want to virtually give up the practice of law to concentrate on legal technology.

Yet, failing to implement knowledge management, practice management, case management, litigation support, and document management systems into your firm not only misses the chance to improve your ability to attract and retain the clients you want by providing higher quality legal services in a more timely manner at less cost, it also leaves you vulnerable to competition from firms that do take advantage of these technologies.

The McNeill Group can be your "Technology Partner," and help you leverage technology to practice more efficiently, productively, and profitably. Businesses outsource functions when it is more economical to do so, and when they cannot develop the necessary expertise in-house. Many law firms do the same with regard to their information technology systems. The McNeill Groupís resources include:

More than 20 years of experience advising law firms how to use technology to improve their practices, including presenting dozens of programs for the Maryland State Bar Association and other legal organizations.

A highly skilled team ranging from large-scale case management experts to word processing trainers.

Only the largest law firms can afford a staff with all of these skill sets.


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