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Recent Projects
Recent Projects Include:

General law practices
: We have advised dozens of law firms on how to re-engineer their business practices to take advantage of technology to become more efficient and productive by implementing case management systems to manage clients, other contacts, case information, firm-wide calendar, deadlines, file notes, documents, digital photographs, email, Web research, and billing records. These systems also provide document cataloging, full-text searching with Boolean logic, conflict of interest checking, and synchronization with laptop computers, multiple offices, Palms, and Windows CE devices.

State-of-the-art law practice management system for a 25-person litigation boutique that relies on single point-of-entry for data, minimizes paper generation by scanning incoming mail and faxes, maximizes electronic data storage and retrieval, incorporates litigation support tools, and provides remote access to all crucial data.

Law practice management system for medical malpractice boutique firm specializing in birth trauma and pharmaceutical mass torts. This system converts the firm from a paper-based system to a system where all important case information is in electronic format and can be accessed by each staff member with the appropriate security rights. Case processing is much faster and more efficient. Reports on how many cases were received by which referral sources and their outcomes, which used to take hours or days to prepare, now take seconds. Because the firm practices in over 40 states, and one attorney resides overseas, the system provides the same access via a Web browser over the Internet as when sitting in the office. Very robust security to protect confidential information is provided, from passwords to smart cards to biometric scanning.

Personal injury law practices: We have automated several personal injury law practices, which, due to their heavy reliance on standard forms and routine case procedures, are excellent candidates for case management in order to increase their productivity and profitably. Although each firm had its special needs, for example, one firm wanted to track the response from its television advertising, we were able to not only replicate their existing procedures with the new system, but also to suggest changes to existing procedures when the case management system provided more efficient means to perform the necessary tasks.

Landlord-tenant practice management system that can generate thousands of complaints per month, and store and retrieve all information about each case, thus radically reducing the cost of processing each complaint and dramatically improving the firmís ability to summarize the value of its work for its clients.

Creditorsí rights law practice management system for a 70-person law firm that specializes in mortgage foreclosure and bankruptcy: This firm practices in three states and handles hundreds of matters per month. We designed a system to systematize its work flow, automate its document creation, and make it easy to check the status of each matter. The system has the capacity to allow clients to access the information on their matters directly over a secure connection.

County government law department law practice management system: We carried out a needs analysis and network evaluation for the Anne Arundel County, Maryland Office of Law to determine how to meet its needs for case management, contact management, docket control, standard document creation, and office-wide calendaring. We designed the system, assisted the Countyís IT staff in implementing the system, trained the approximately 40 staff in the use of the system, and continue to provide training and support.

County government agency case-tracking system: We addressed the Montgomery County Human Relations Commissionís need to computerize its case intake process, complaint forms generation, and case management capabilities to increase productivity and reduce its need for staff to type the necessary forms manually. We designed and implemented the system, which duplicated the multi-part paper forms so that they could be printed by the system, and trained the staff in the use of the system.

Project management system for the Maryland Stadium Authority in Baltimore, Maryland.

Non-profit civil rights organization: We assisted a non-profit civil rights organization in implementing a case management system to better manage its own case load and the cases that it refers to outside counsel. The system had to accommodate different types of cases in order to track information critical to its areas of specialization, voting rights and employment law.

Matter management system for the Architect of the Capitol in Washington, DC.

Nationwide law practice management systems implementations.
We have implemented LPMSs across the country, using a combination of our portable training classroom which utilizes laptop computers and a LCD projector for on-site training, and our Internet-based remote support system that allows us to see the firm's computer display, and even take over control with the firm's permission.

International law firm in Galway, Ireland. We designed a law practice management system for a firm that specializes in representing builders throughout the sales and settlement process that automates the firm's workflow and generates all standard sales and settlement documents, and scans incoming mail, to substantially reduce the "paper chase" that was preventing the firm from providing the best possible service to its clients. We designed the system remotely using our Internet-based support capability, and then provided on-site user training and support, and continue to provide remote support, as needed.


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